Other Advantages for Investing in REV Fund:

1  Several Upsides - Class B investors will receive significant sale proceeds every time the Fund exits an asset.

2 Tax Benefits - Investors can enjoy depreciation and their pro-rata share of expenses to lower or eliminate taxable income as much as possible.

3 Preferred Returns - Investors are getting paid first, based on their preferred returns every year.

4 Experienced Sponsors -  REV Fund's founders have owned and managed over $700MM in assets. Furthermore, properties have been acquired and sold during COVID, while maintaining consistent projected returns for their investors.

The main benefits of investing in REV Fund is mitigating your risk across various markets and properties by diversifying and scaling your portfolio. ​By investing in the fund once, your money will be invested in several properties and locations, which will significantly reduce your exposure and risk.

$100M Multifamily Investing Fund


Investors can divide their investment into the two classes, as long as their total minimum investment is $100,000.


For example, you can invest $25,000 in Class A and $75,000 in Class B for a blended return in order to reach the $100,000 minimum.


  • Hold Period: 5-7 years

  • Targeted Assets: 5-10 assets

  • Self-Directed IRA/401K investment options available

  • Funding Deadline: Within 3 days of signing the PPM

Class A Investors

Higher cash-on-cash return during the hold period, with no participation in the sale proceeds.

  • Projected Cash-on-Cash (average return): 8%

  • Projected IRR: 8%

  • Minimum investment: $100,000

Class B Investors

A blend of cash-on-cash during the hold period and participation in the upside of sale proceeds.

  • Projected Annual Average Return (average return including sale proceeds): 17%-23%

  • Projected Cash-on-Cash (average return excluding sale proceeds): 6%-8%

  • Projected IRR: 12%-15%

  • Minimum investment: $50,000