Becoming Extraordinary: The Perlman Program is a gift by our CEO, Ellie Perlman, to be a springboard for those hungry enough to create the change in their lives they desire to achieve. 


This was created for individuals interested in not just creating a thriving multifamily syndication business, but even more so, in living an EXTRAORDINARY life.

This is done as a collaborative, group-led 12-week program that is entirely FREE. The process is simple:

  1. Submit your application to Becoming Extraordinary.*

  2. If you are selected, you will be connected to a group of other like-minds​ to work through the program with on a weekly basis.

  3. Lessons will be released weekly on a designated Facebook or LinkedIn Group page. Each week the group can submit 3 questions to Ellie Perlman's team for further insights or clarification.

  4. Complete the program in 12 weeks, and the up to you! We're rooting for you to choose to Become Extraordinary!

*In an effort to preserve the quality of the program, as well as group interactions, dedication to learning, and the overall experience - an application is required.

To Become Extraordinary begins with learning. This collaborative is a group-led multifamily syndication program designed exclusively by our CEO, Ellie Perlman. In this program, you will learn not only how to build your own multifamily syndication business, but also how to scale it. To be EXTRAORDINARY means to be committed to learning and growing first.



Becoming Extraordinary is a group of like-minded and aspiring go-getters that understand a key to their success is the people they surround themselves with. By learning, collaborating, and growing towards success together, you will find your network leads to your eventual net worth. Being EXTRAORDINARY means you create winning teams!

Becoming Extraordinary is a group of disciplined professionals willing to be dedicated to themselves, their goals, and their businesses. This group is for those inspired and determined to build their own real estate investment empires. There is no small thinking around here. EXTRAORDINARY happens when you dream big and go for it!


Who Should Join Becoming Extraordinary?


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Blue Lake Capital is dedicated to success.  No challenge is too difficult.  No goal is too ambitious.  We aim to position ourselves as one of the leading real estate investment companies in the US. We make smart investments and continue developing our robust multifamily portfolio in growing markets. Our first priority is to our family of investors and we nurture and guard those relationships. We emphasize open communication and transparency in conducting business.   

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The Perlman Program



To join Becoming Extraordinary: The Perlman Program, please complete the application below. Please note that the program is 100% free (because it's simply the right thing to do) and is exclusively group-led. Applications are required to preserve the integrity of the program and participants and does not guarantee acceptance upon submission. Group sizes will be limited.



In Becoming Extraordinary: The Perlman Program, you will learn first & foremost how to develop an Extraordinary Mindset and then use it to establish and build your kind of Extraordinary business. This program will cover a multitude of topics including:

  • Analyzing the best markets for multifamily

  • Finding deals and building relationships with brokers

  • Analyzing deals

  • Raising capital from complete strangers

  • Building a brand

  • Touring properties and performing due diligence 

  • Negotiating with sellers and closing

  • Financing multifamily properties

  • Asset management

  • Get into the best mindset and build the right strategy to build and scale a business

  • How to build a team on a budget

  • Access to an underwriting model, market reports, and PowerPoint templates