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Blue Lake Capital recognizes and partners with key organizations to provide the meeting of fundamental human needs, including food, water, clothing, medical supplies such as PPE, and more.


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Blue Lake Capital provides a robust and comprehensive program for entrepreneurs to build and scale a  sustainable real estate business. This helps create opportunities for major life transformation and success.


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Blue Lake Capital is committed to helping meet the critical needs of individuals, families, and communities in crisis through support, fundraising, and corporate sponsorships.


Studying in the Library

Blue Lake Capital recognizes that education plays a critical role in creating a successful life. We provide multiple free resources to educate individuals on financial literacy, wealth building, and more.


Haiti Relief Fund: In Partnership with Job Lot Charitable Foundation & Global Empowerment Mission

Entrepreneurship: Build & Scale Your Own Multifamily Syndication Business

Real Estate investing is a very powerful wealth creation tool. In this program, authored by our Founder & CEO Ellie Perlman, participants learn how to completely build and scale a multifamily syndication business. The program is entirely free and contains a tremendous amount of knowledge and resources, for anyone to realize their entrepreneurship goals.

COVID-19 Relief & Intervention Efforts

During the COVID-19 crisis, Blue Lake Capital was honored to support the great work of the Job Lot Charitable Foundation. The Foundation utilized its global supply chain to source critical supplies for frontline workers, ramped up efforts to fight food insecurity, and acquired critical supplies that first responders and healthcare workers desperately needed. 

Thanks to the swift action of Job Lot Charitable Foundation, Blue Lake Capital partnered with them in deploying immediate support to the people of Haiti in the form of non-perishable canned goods, clothing, PPE, and other various supplies.




Blue Lake Capital Group is committed to providing opportunities, resources, and services to paving an extraordinary life for all. We do this through our social impact initiatives committed to addressing two fundamental needs for success: To Equip and To Empower.

Blue Lake Capital Group has committed to Equip individuals, families, and communities in 4 key focus areas:

  • Fundamental Human Needs

  • Disaster Intervention

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Education & Financial Literacy

Through our various forms of support, we are able to Empower individual lives, families, and communities by ensuring compassionate assistance meets fundamental needs such as food and water, and help to build upon these efforts by providing additional key educational resources focused on financial literacy and entrepreneurship, paving a long-term opportunity for an extraordinary life for all who seek to build one.

At Blue Lake Capital, we are proud to bring aid, resources, and support to individuals, families, and communities. Most importantly, it is our aim to be the first to shout from the rooftops, "Be bold. Dream BIG. YES, you can!"



Social Impact


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