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Our investment philosophy is founded on four enduring pillars that have been formed since the inception of Blue Lake Capital:


Investors First Approach

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We are dedicated to an Investors First approach and put our investors first in everything that we do. From making sure investors get paid before we do, to maintaining open and transparent communication, our relationship with our trusted investors is our #1 priority. 


Hands-On Sponsor

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As a very hands-on sponsor, we manage our assets very closely. We set our own standards, and they are much higher than the industry's standards. We like to question norms and market practices and constantly ask ourselves, “Is there a better way to do it?”.


Conservative Underwriting

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We are extremely conservative in underwriting, budgeting, keeping high reserves, and making asset management decisions.


Relying on Hard Data 

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We utilize AI/machine-learning data to conduct all underwriting, making our assumptions more accurate with cutting-edge technology.


From humble roots, Blue Lake Capital Group's CEO Ellie Perlman believes an extraordinary life is within reach of all who pursue it. At Blue Lake Capital Group, we seek to create the path for extraordinary living by harnessing the power of commercial real estate investing, combined with technology in underwriting and elite management of multifamily properties, to create opportunities to help our investors grow and thrive.

Learn How the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary with Blue Lake Capital Group:

Blue Lake Capital's leadership team is experienced and well-qualified, with expertise in multifamily real estate investments, including acquisitions and property management. With an average net return of 30% IRR to investors, Blue Lake leadership is dedicated to maximizing investor returns and providing an extraordinary level of service.


Blue Lake's deals have been vetted by professionals and experts throughout the industry. Our CEO Ellie Perlman, Family Offices, and experienced investors repeatedly invest alongside us. This allows us to secure opportunities that only institutional funds usually have access to, and bring them to the table for individual investors and family offices.



Blue Lake utilizes machine learning/artificial intelligence to significantly increase the accuracy of our underwriting and asset management by ensuring data-driven forecasting on markets, assets, and tenant levels. This ensures Blue Lake is operating as a tech-driven investment firm in line with current technology capabilities.

Blue Lake Capital is a very conservative company; most deals don't work for our CEO Ellie Perlman and she is very picky when it comes to choosing the right deal. By utilizing AI technology, each deal is evaluated with real data and not just palatable industry standards. If the numbers don't work for the worst-case scenario, Blue Lake does not invest.


Blue Lake Capital investors love to thrive and grow and have a mutual passion for lifelong learning. Blue Lake Capital supports investors with weekly new resources which include real-time data, trends, market updates, and tools for continued personal, professional, and financial growth & excellence.


The Blue Lake Capital Team endlessly pursues the extraordinary and encourages, promotes, and provides resources for inspiration, success habits, family experiences, networking, volunteering, and other opportunities investors and family offices can participate in to provide more depth, joy, and meaning to live an extraordinary life!


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