1Strong Performance During COVID - Estates at Crossroads is performing well during the COVID-19 pandemic,  and has minimal concessions and debt, while increasing rents by over 5% (in the past 3 quarters) and maintaining high occupancy of 96%.

2 Strong A+ Location in Atlanta MSA  - The Property is located in the highly desirable Duluth submarket, only 30 minutes outside downtown Atlanta, where rents are projected to increase by a yearly average of 5.8% in the next 3 years (based on AxioMetrics report).

3Strong Tenant Base - The Property has a strong and desirable tenant base, including tech, medical, and business owners. As an indication to the strength of its tenant base, out of 344 tenants, only 1.7% (6) of tenants owe current ownership.

4Institutional Seller - Asset In Mint Condition -  The Property is owned by an institutional seller who kept the property in great condition, with minimal deferred maintenance, leaving us the opportunity to focus on unit renovation and increasing rents.

5Rents Are Below Market - Nearby assets, some of which are older than Estates at Crossroads, charge rents that are higher by $173-$300 than the Property. However, to be conservative, we are only underwriting to $128 premiums.

6True Value-Add Opportunity -  Some of the units have been renovated, but even those renovated units have old finishes, such as carpet throughout and no granite countertops. By leaving some of the most desirable finishes outside the renovation scope, the seller has left a lot of room for us to bring up the units to market level and charge premiums for 100% of the units.

Institutional-Level*Well-Performing* Class B+ Property in a Solid A+ Area in Atlanta MSA



  • Hold Period: 5 years

  • Self-Directed IRA/401K investment options available

  • Funding Deadline: Within 3 days of signing the PPM

  • Open to Accredited Investors only

Class A Investors

Higher cash-on-cash return during the hold period, with no participation in the sale proceeds.

  • Projected Cash-on-Cash (average return): 8%

  • Projected IRR: 8%

  • Minimum Investment: $250,000

  • You can divide your investment between Class A and B, as long as the total investment is $250,000.

Class B Investors

A blend of cash-on-cash during the hold period and participation in the upside of sale proceeds.

  • Projected Annual Average Return (average return including sale proceeds): 14.73%

  • Projected Cash-on-Cash (average return excluding sale proceeds): 6%

  • Projected IRR: 12%-13%

  • Minimum Investment: $100,000


Blue Lake Capital recently launched a new $100M Fund called REV Fund. REV Fund mitigates risks by securing diversified assets across multiple markets. You now have 3 options to invest in Estates at Crossroads: directly in the deal, through REV Fund, or both.