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Large Apartment Multifamily  Property



2. You Invest & Receive Monthly Distributions

Once we've had the opportunity to speak with each other, assess if our investment criteria match, and we  confirm you are a qualified investor, you can partner with me on my deals.* Your investment means you own a percentage of the property directly. This is not a stock or REIT - you are a passive partner in the deal. I work directly with accredited investors only. Generally, you receive monthly disbursements from the profits collected through rents and operations for the life of the deal.*

3. We Sell & Split the Bulk Profit

Once the agreed upon holding period is complete, or when markets are at a desirable time to sell, generally the investment is sold and the bulk profit is divided and distributed to each investor in the deal.* This is the 2nd biggest advantage to multifamily investing, aside of the monthly disbursements. 

1. We Buy & Manage The Asset

We find, analyze and buy the properties that have the best investment potential for investors. I too, generally invest in each and every one of my deals. I would never bring an opportunity to investors I wouldn't invest in as well. My company, Blue Lake Capital, manages the investment throughout the entire life cycle, from purchase to sell. We sign on the loan and manage the property. We take care of everything for our investors, so they don't have to.*

We appreciate your interest in investing with Blue Lake Capital.


To learn more about our investment criteria and strategies, our current portfolio, and how to potentially partner with us on our current offerings, please complete the following:


1. Submit the Form Below

2. Schedule a Call with Us

*** Please note, our investments are open to accredited investors only. ***

*DISCLAIMER: All of our investors are legally required to meet certain parameters. Thus, nothing in this website should be construed as an unqualified opportunity to invest with us. Instead, if you are interested in our investment strategy and the types of investments we engage in, please contact us so that we may learn more about you and determine your investment suitability for our deals. The process above describes the general process of investing in real estate, but is subject to variations as each deal is different.

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