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Multifamily Mastermind
with Ellie Perlman

This mastermind is an exclusive offering for Blue Lake Capital Investors.

Mastermind Topics

We've designed this 5 series course to help empower you as an investor by bringing you behind the scenes to gain sophisticated insights into multifamily ownership and operations,  investment strategies, and foundational positioning for true wealth creation. 

Mastermind Structure

The Blue Lake Multifamily Mastermind will begin mid-March and meet monthly through July. Each session will be 90 minutes. Attendees will be given a 45-60 minute presentation, with the remaining time for Q & A and networking in breakout sessions.

Sessions will be live, but can also be attended virtually. To respect investor's privacy, there will not be any recordings. The time of the sessions will be determined by the majority votes of participants to maximize attendance. The finalized schedule will be provided March 1st.

"I have known Ellie since 2020 when I first began my journey into multifamily syndication. The one on one mentorship was fantastic and definitely helped me gain traction in the space. After the year, Ellie had discontinued her formal mentorship but she has never stopped being a trusted advisor. I consider myself lucky to be a part of her network and to have been able to watch Blue Lake Capital grow over the last 4 years. The success she has had and the team she has built continues to inspire me and is a model for how I intend to grow my own business. I look forward to continued partnerships in the future!"

- Jason B., Blue Lake Capital Investor and Fund Partner


Wealth Creation: Why Multifamily is a Proven Path

During this 4th session you will get an exclusive look at multifamily deal flow. Learn what the market really looks like by seeing, in real time, what the spread is between buyers and sellers, how the time sensitive process is managed, and ultimately how multifamily negotiations are executed.

The final session of our multifamily mastermind will address a key question: Is it really possible to build true wealth with multifamily investing? Join us to learn the success strategies that have been used by many, as well as key wealth preservation tactics including tax planning, scaling your portfolio, and diversification. 

This 1st session of our Mastermind will be a candid discussion on the reality of today's economy and evolving multifamily market. We'll explore how to adapt to it, what opportunities to pursue as they arise, and why maintaining the right mindset is vital for long term success.

Adapting to the Challenges & Opportunities in Today's Market

Deal Analysis: How Operators are Evaluating Opportunities in Today's Market

Asset Management: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Acquisitions: Learn How Sponsors Find Deals

The 2nd part of our multifamily mastermind will further illuminate how sponsors are evaluating deals in changing market conditions. You'll learn which metrics matter most, how to mitigate risk, and a process to identify the opportunities that align with your overall investment goals and risk tolerance.

For the 3rd session, we will be discussing multiple behind the scenes factors of asset management. You will gain highly valuable insights into evaluating an asset's performance, the process and factors that impact property valuations, and how these determine investment timing strategies.


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