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Blue Lake Capital specializes in finding large, multi-family properties (Class B properties) in cities across the United States where unemployment is low, rents are consistently increasing, and property values are rising. Most importantly, we only buy properties that are profitable with positive cash flow from day 1. 


We seek investment markets with the following criteria: 

  • Job growth

  • Proximity to a large metropolis 

  • Landlord friendly states

  • Markets with low vacancy rate

  • Solid income producing population

  • Low unemployment rate

  • A healthy and diverse economy


Adding Value to the Investment


After identifying the right areas to invest in, we locate value-add multifamily properties that fit our investment criteria, negotiate with the owners and financial institutions, and close the deals. Once the deal is closed, we hire a reputable property management company, and work with them to improve the property management (cut costs, enhance tenant experience, etc.) and invest money in making improvement to the units. This investment strategy has worked well for real estate investors across the world, since it allows increasing rents and indirectly, increases the property’s value as well.


Buy and Hold


After purchasing and renovating the value-add multifamily rentals, we hold the properties for 3- 5 years, depending in the market conditions and the general state of the economy. Buy and hold strategy allows us to hold a property that generates cash flow on a monthly basis, and will also be consistent year after year regardless of the state of the economy.


Why Work with Blue Lake Capital?


In this day and age, it’s no secret that investing in multifamily real estate takes time to learn, especially when it comes to learning where the emerging markets are, analyzing property values, and doing all of the legwork that it takes to make a smart investment. It’s especially difficult if you plan on investing in a multifamily rental property that’s out-of-state since you can’t easily visit a property yourself if you have to catch a flight to get there.


The solution to the problem is to work with us! Let us find and acquire the best possible multifamily properties for you that we can renovate and generate long-term income. We believe in the deals that we find and purchase, that we are also investing in them as well. This way, you can be sure that our interests are fully aligned with yours.


Our company is run by Ellie Yogev, a long-time property manager who also has commercial real estate experience having worked as a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer. Besides holding a masters degree in law, Ellie also has her MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and this means that you will be working with an experienced Real Estate professional that you can trust.