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Secure & Nearly Irreplaceable Financing

  • Blue Lake Capital successfully identified and negotiated a 100% off market deal, to include assuming the debt from the seller at a nearly irreplaceable fixed rate of 2.95%, interest only until 2030, maximizing investors' security and return profile.

Cash Flowing Since Day 1

  • Arcadia Cove was acquired by Blue Lake following our first round of funding in August 2023. Since that time, Arcadia Cove has not disappointed us! To date, we have either hit or exceeded both our Year 1 underwriting projections, as well as the pro rata share of the monthly distribution to investors, as the property is consistently cash flowing.

Premiums Are VERY Attractive

  • As of January 2024, market rents on new leases increased on average by 3.7% . Even though we underwrote only getting rents increased by $251, in reality we are getting increases on individual leases as high as $567 per month on newly renovated units.

Strong Demand

  • 44% of the households in Phoenix, AZ are renter-occupied. As of this quarter, occupancy on the property is over 90%, with preleased occupancy at 96.5%, even in the middle of us executing our renovations. Collections are very strong with the most recent data at 97.6%. The tenant base at Arcadia is very attractive, maintains the property well, absorbs rent increases, and pays their rent on time. You really can't ask for more!

We recognize the multifamily market has been turbulent, along with challenging economic factors like increased inflation and interest rates. However, our confidence in multifamily remains firmly intact. So much so, that we're excited to offer you a very generous, one-of-a-kind offer, to help you maximize your returns from multifamily investing with Blue Lake Capital:

Introducing Class E : Discounts

Class E is a strategic class included in all our PPMs for uniquely structured agreements. Generally, it is reserved for family offices or institutional organizations. However, today, we are making it available to you!


Class E offers discounts that boost your investment. Let's say you invest $250,000 with the 3% discount. This effectively increases your investment amount for calculating returns, giving you an enhanced return on top of your original investment. See the example below: 

  • Investment: $250,000

  • We will then apply the 3% discount, bringing your total investment share value from $250,000 to $257,731.96. ($250,000 / 97% = $257,731.96) 

  • This means all of your returns are now based off an investment amount of $257,731, further adding value to the return on your investment. 

4 Reasons Arcadia Cove is a Strong Investment

Newly, Heavily Discounted, Investment Structure to Maximize Your Investment From Entry to Exit



Mask Group 3.jpg

High-Quality Assets at Favorable Terms

Current macroeconomic conditions are beginning to drive market dislocation, which we believe will offer a generational opportunity for investors to acquire institutional quality assets at more favorable terms, including price!

Investors Come First

Blue Lake Capital prioritizes our investors, first and foremost. While there are many options available for investors today, Blue Lake Capital investors repeatedly invest with us. We are honored by this and are highly committed to keeping our investors at the forefront of our fiduciary responsibilities.


We pride ourselves on reporting and communication throughout the entire investment cycle; from initial underwriting to distribution and disposition so investors have the most accurate, honest, and up-to-date information regarding their investment.

New, Heavily Discounted, Investment Offering
Arcadia Cove | Phoenix, AZ | 432 Units | Class B Value-Add







Alignment of Interest With Investors

Ellie Perlman, Blue Lake’s CEO and Founder, personally invests a substantial amount of her own capital, as well as her families’ funds, in every asset Blue Lake acquires. This ensures every acquisitions, the management of the assets, and the timing of dispositions are equally beneficial for all parties, as everyone is invested together.

Strong Performance on Exited Deals

Our track record competes with some of the largest institutions in real estate with an average net IRR of 30.9% to investors. We are obsessed with our investors and continually strive to exceed our commitments to them.

This information is an investment summary provided to prospective investors and others. This information is not an offering to sell either a security or a solicitation to sell a security. At the request of a recipient, Blue Lake Capital (“Manager”) will provide a private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, and the Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement. Blue Lake in no way guarantees the projections contained herein. Real estate values, income, expenses, and development costs are all affected by a multitude of forces outside the Company’s control. This investment is illiquid and only those persons that are able and willing to risk their entire investment should participate. Please consult your attorney, CPA, and/or professional financial advisor regarding the suitability of an investment by you.

Maximize your passive income streams with this newly structured and heavily discounted investment offering! Arcadia Cove, a 432-unit cash flowing and strongly performing investment, is open for our 2nd round of funding for a limited time. With fixed rate financing at just 2.95% from the loan we negotiated and assumed, off market, this is a deal you're highly unlikely to find anywhere else in today's market.

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