Top 10 Hottest Multifamily Markets with the Highest Deal Value

When it comes to multifamily investing, finding a good deal can be a challenge. Currently, the market has rebounded well and deal flow has picked up significantly, amongst other things. However, how do you really know what a good deal is in multifamily investing? There are some general rules of thumbs that you should always want to see in an opportunity.

These include a cash flowing NOI (Net Operating Income), strong occupancy, reasonable rates of collections, conservative returns, and other factors. One indicator of finding a deal with good value can also be determined by looking at market activity, because of course, one key factor has and will always be location, location, location.

Despite the turbulence of 2020, there were several markets that proved multifamily investing is a resilient and reliable investment vehicle. With the migration of countless renters moving from primary to secondary markets throughout the pandemic, the trend and demands for multifamily housing can’t be better stated than by a recent report by Yardi Matrix in which, “Secondary markets, with $28 billion of transactions, dominated activity, representing 55.6% of all property sales” in 2020. I can personally vouch this is true, as my company Blue Lake Capital, acquired and has been over performing in one of these very secondary markets.

Monitoring transaction activity helps to not only show which markets are increasingly in demand, but also where there is better potential to find promising deal value. Now, this is not to say that if everyone rushes into a market to buy properties, you should do the same. The key is to look closely at the right numbers. Some of the factors to consider when evaluating a market are what is the average price per unit, what is the average rent in the metro area, and how heavy is the demand in the market?

The key to finding deal value is not just finding the cheapest property around, but rather the one with strongest potential, that is in the right location and can be repositioned through better management to increase profits through rent increases and decreased operation costs. This is a classic value-add strategy and why multifamily investing is the “darling child” of many investors.

With this in mind, let’s look at the Top 10 Markets for Multifamily Deal Value:

10. Denver, CO