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Complimentary Planning Session


The Ready2Scale Multifamily Mastermind from Blue Lake Capital is an exclusive offering for aspiring and established sponsors and fund managers focused on scaling their business. The Mastermind will provide participants with a community focused on sharing the knowledge, tools and strategies to run and scale your business more effectively in today's economy. Join this exclusive group to learn how to best adapt and grow, even in challenge. REady2Scale Mastermind is for like minded multifamily business owners committed to being BOLD, building an EXTRAORDINARY business, and dedicated to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

What to Expect


Participation is limited and the waitlist is now open for the REady2Scale Multifamily Mastermind. We will launch on May 3rd and run for a 6 month period.


If approved, the cost to join the Multifamily Mastermind is $1,500. This is not a profit center for Blue Lake; we will be investing the proceeds back into you. You'll get some team swag, along with a team meetup at the conclusion of the Mastermind, and some additional surprises along the way! 


We'll meet twice per month with one session focused on advanced multifamily business processes with industry experts, and the other session focused on YOU. We'll have hot seat sessions so that you can share your success stories and struggles, helping you improve your goal setting and accountability with feedback and support from your fellow team members.

Topics we'll cover include: 

  • Understanding and interpreting macro economic factors

  • How to adjust to market challenges

  • Best practices and strategies for raising capital 

  • Creating an evolving process for building your brand

  • Fine tuning your underwriting

  • Evolving metrics for asset and fund management

  • Creating and maintaining the best mindset for your business' success

  • Creating and leading powerhouse teams

  • And more!

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