The CARES Act represents a powerful instrument which owners should strategically use to tap into available liquidity via a plethora of potential tax breaks. 

An LOI (Letter of Intent) is a document you must prepare when you are interested in buying a property. Learn what components must be included and which details are most important to include.

This guide will help you conduct thorough property tours when assessing a potential property to invest in. By utilizing the questionnaire template, you can be sure to get every important detail needed and have a consistent process for tours.

This extensive guide will help you identify creative strategies to improve a multifamily properties direct and indirect income.

This guide will help you organize your acquisition process. By utilizing both the guide and template, your acquisitions can be effectively managed to maximize your time and process.

This guide will aid you in solidifying your investment criteria, which will help you stay focused on pursuing the right kind of deals.

In this article, we will share with you the reasons you should consider investing in multifamily real estate so you can have confidence and know that multi-family is the best Investment that you can make for your portfolio.

In this article, we will provide you with information on the multi-family rental property market, what our forecast is for the remainder of 2017, and insight into what you can expect for 2018.

Here are some several guidelines for acquiring multifamily property.

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