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Benefits of REV Equity Fund I

Experienced Sponsors
REV Equity Fund's founders have owned and managed over $700MM in assets. Furthermore, properties have been acquired and sold during COVID, while maintaining consistent projected returns for their investors.
Mitigate Investment Risks
The main benefits of investing in REV Equity Fund is mitigating your risk across various markets and properties by diversifying and scaling your portfolio. ​By investing in the fund once, your money will be invested in several properties and locations, which will significantly reduce your exposure and risk.
Tax Benefits
Investors can enjoy depreciation and their pro-rata share of expenses to lower or eliminate taxable income as much as possible. Two tiers of investing options are offered to provide investors with optimal tax strategy options.
Skin in the Game
All GP partners personally invest in the fund, and personally guarantee the loan. GPs are one of the largest LPs in the fund.
High Demand from Big Players
Family Offices and institutional groups are currently partnering with our company, utilizing their resources for due diligence along with our own.
Preferred Returns
Investors receive a range of 6%-8% preferred return, which means that the sponsors will get its equity split only after investors have received their pref.

Rev Fund UPDATE:

The Rev Fund has been fully funded and we are no longer taking new investors in this fund. We will be launching a new Blue Lake Multifamily Fund in early 2023; if you are interested in participating in that or any future offerings from Blue Lake Capital, please complete our potential investor form HERE or email us at and our Investor Relations team will contact you to schedule a call or answer any questions you may have. 

REV Fund is open to Accredited Investors Only. This information is not an offering to sell either a security or a solicitation to sell a security. At the request of a recipient, Blue Lake Capital will provide a private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, and an operating agreement.


REV Equity Fund I is a private equity real estate fund designed to purchase and manage commercial real estate over a 5-7 year horizon.  REV Equity Fund was launched to allow investors more significant risk mitigation and diversification strategy. The fund plans to purchase 5-10 assets over the life of the fund, with a primary focus on value-add multifamily assets across strong markets such as TX, FL, GA, AZ, NC, and SC. The diversification across markets and assets will reduce investors' risk, while offering constant cash flow.

Currently, the fund consists of 3 assets in North Carolina and Georgia, and we'll soon be adding a 4th property to the fund.


1. Diversification: REV Fund is invested across different assets in multiple high growth markets. bringing the benefit of diversification to investors.

2. Preferred Returns: Investors are getting paid first, based on their preferred returns every year.

3. Experienced Sponsor: REV Fund's founders have owned and managed over $700MM in AUM since inception while maintaining solid returns for their investors even during COVID. For more on Blue Lake Capital, click here or contact us at

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$100M Value-Add Multifamily Investment Fund

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