The 5 Leading & Losing States For Net Migration

Where the people go, real estate investors tend to follow. This makes sense given that net migration trends directly correlate with housing demand. Monitoring these trends is a balance of both science and art, as other factors such as political policies, natural disasters, or major employer movements can shift these trends in unexpected ways. Just because a market is strong one year, it doesn’t guarantee it will be the next.

This week we’re taking a look into what impact the pandemic had on the general US population, as the newest data released from United Van Lines’ 2021 Annual National Movers Study reveals where there were the most significant shifts as people moved around the country. In addition to the migration data, this report also provides very insightful data into why these individuals or families were moving. Being aware of this is important for investors, as it indicates not only where demand is likely to increase, but what values and priorities motivate potential tenants.

Where did the majority go, and where did they leave? Let’s take a look…

The 5 Losing States for Net Migration

5. California

Percentage of Outbound Moves: 59%

Percentage of Inbound Moves: 41%

Primary Reason for Inbound Moving: New Job

Median Household Income: $78,672