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Vision. Ambition. Discipline.

Blue Lake Capital is dedicated to success.  No challenge is too difficult.  No goal is too ambitious.  We aim to position ourselves as one of the leading real estate investment companies in the US. We make smart investments and continue developing our robust multifamily portfolio in growing markets. Our first priority is to our family of investors and we nurture and guard those relationships. We emphasize open communication and transparency in conducting business.   


Blue Lake Capital is a Real Estate Investment company. We pride ourselves on finding the best value-add opportunities across the United States. Working with a strong team of industry professionals, we unlock value in multi-family properties and continue the path of success.




Invest in real estate properties in solid markets

Value Add

Maximize profitability by implementing a value-add plan and optimize operations

Asset Management

Improve property management operations to streamline processes for highest rate of returns




Safe Investment

Multi-family properties are one of the most stable investments out there. There will always be demand for residential properties, and especially for apartments.

Easy To Finance

In today's market, multi-family properties are more likely to be approved by a bank for a loan since it usually generates a strong cash flow regularly, even with some vacancies.


Since multifamily properties are in high demand, they appreciate over the years. In value-add deals, the property is goin g through renovation that helps owners raise rents. When a property's income is higher, its value is higher as well (this is called "forced appreciation").


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