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At Blue Lake Capital, we know the greatest investment we have is our team.


If surrounding yourself with highly motivated and striving people sounds awesome to you – Blue Lake Capital is likely the place you’ll want to be. We’re not perfect but we are a team that strives to live fully and with excellence. We love business, learning, take pride in being nerds, spend day after day striving to out-do ourselves from the day before, and care deeply about our investors, company, team, and ourselves. We take pride in the whole 360. If this is the type of people you’ve longed to be surrounded by, this team will delight you, inspire you, and help you bring yourself to your full potential!

Be Bold

You can achieve greatness only by taking risks and acting boldly to grow beyond your comfort zone. Blue Lake Capital aims to create an environment that inspires greatness and supports our team in consistently achieving new heights.

Strive For Excellence

We pursue excellence in EVERYTHING that we do. It’s much more exciting to live a life and thrive in a career when we are constantly pushing our boundaries. Any other reality is simply boring. 

Relentless Hustle, Heart, & Humbleness

At Blue Lake Capital we respect and recognize hard work, strive to exemplify kindness and humility, and ultimately "make better" everything that we do.

Current Openings

Director of Finance

Los Angeles, CA

Posted 11/1/2023

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