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Wealth Multiplier Calculator

Customizable excel spreadsheet to track all your investments and returns.

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Analyzing Graphs

Passive Investment 10-Minute Analysis

This template allows you to quickly and keenly analyze a new investment opportunity.

The Ultimate Guide to Passive Investing

What every passive    investor needs to    know about real    estate investing.

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Current Multifamily Reports
Social Impact Programs
Investment Tools
Apartment Investing Data on a Touch Pad


Stock Exchange

Marcus & Millichap
US Multifamily Investment Outlook 2021


Freddie Mac’s Multifamily 2021 Midyear Outlook


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Yardi Matrix Multifamily National Report September 2021

Business Graphs

U.S. Multifamily Figures Q2 2021

USA Lights

US Multifamily Capital Markets Report Q2 2021


Entrepreneurship - Build & Scale Your Own Multifamily Syndication Company

Real Estate investing is a very powerful wealth creation tool. In this program, authored by our CEO Ellie Perlman, participants learn how to completely build and scale a multifamily syndication business. The program is entirely free and contains a tremendous amount of knowledge and resources, for anyone to realize their entrepreneurship goals.

The program teaches the following:


  • Analyzing the best markets for multifamily

  • Finding deals and building relationships with brokers

  • Analyzing deals

  • Raising capital from complete strangers

  • Building a brand

  • Touring properties and performing due diligence 

  • Negotiating with sellers and closing

  • Financing multifamily properties

  • Asset management

  • Get into the best mindset and build the right strategy to build and scale a business

  • How to build a team on a budget

  • Access to an underwriting model, market reports, and PowerPoint templates

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Financial Literacy - Learn the Basic Verbiage, Concept, & Process of Multifamily Investing

Passive investing is a key approach many use to build wealth and an extraordinary life. Becoming financially literate is the first step in becoming an eventual investor. This self-guided course will provide you with the basic vocabulary, overview of the investing process, and suggestions on how to eventually get started. Remember, building wealth is a long game - the key is to get started, and it begins with knowledge!

The course teaches the following:


  • Basic financial terminology & investing "lingo"

  • Where to find and how to vet syndicators

  • Are you an accredited investor and why it matters

  • How to evaluate passive deals in 10 minutes or less

  • Financing strategies

  • The 3 legal documents you need to know well

  • Reports: Financials & K1s


Blue Lake Capital is committed to equipping & empowering all individuals with the opportunity and resources to create an extraordinary life. Below are two key self-guided courses to encourage and equip entrepreneurship and financial literacy. To learn more about Blue Lake Capital's social impact commitment, click here.

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