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  • Invest in properties with high cash on cash yields that allow the investment to achieve targeted returns with modest residual value appreciation.

  • Seek markets with projected population, job, and household formation growth outpacing the U.S.’s forecasted growth over the next five years.

  • Seek markets with high barriers to entry and low supply.

  • Buy assets below replacement cost and in need of capital improvement.

Fund Infographic
  • Produce attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors across the debt spectrum, by investing in real estate-backed loans and preferred equity positions.

  • We loan to strong borrowers with significant experience and a solid track record. All borrowers go through a rigorous underwriting process.


Blue Lake Capital real estate investing seeks to be conservative and disciplined. Our team has sixty-three years of combined in-depth experience for an investment’s entire life cycle.


The following are the core strategies that we endeavor to adhere to:

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