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Blue Lake Capital Launches New Multifamily Fund

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The Blue Lake Multifamily Fund Will Deploy on Advanced AI Backed Acquisitions, Targeting Price Dislocations, Operational Efficiency, and Growth Potential

The team at Blue Lake Capital is excited to announce the launch of the Blue Lake Multifamily Fund, the latest offering in our suite of investment vehicles to accredited investors allowing them access to actively managed real estate assets.

As price dislocations materialize in private markets, the Fund will allow both accredited individuals the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of institutional quality, multifamily assets.

“Despite the volatility, we believe current market conditions are creating an attractive investment environment for active investors to benefit through price dislocation and asset diversification,” said Ellie Perlman, Founder & CEO of Blue Lake Capital. “With our network of relationships, rigorous due diligence, and a focus on operational excellence across all of our properties, we are confident that this is the right time to start building a portfolio of institutional-level assets with growth potential for our investors.”

The Blue Lake Multifamily Fund will follow the firm’s proven strategy of executing multifamily value-add opportunities and sourcing assets that will benefit from a focus on operations and occupancy. This strategy, supported by leading AI technology capabilities, positions the fund to focus primarily on mid-cap ($50 - $150 million) assets across U.S. submarkets with attractive demographics, particularly those which have been resilient during recent economic downturns.

“We understand the macroeconomic challenges in today’s markets. Interest rates have risen at an historically fast pace, and with so many pending loan maturities in the multifamily space we believe it’s creating a generational opportunity for active investors,” Perlman continued. “At the onset of the pandemic, our team was nimble enough to make a series of bold, smart decisions that benefitted our investors tremendously. We’re in the midst of another volatile period and I am excited by the prospect of giving investors the ability to diversify their portfolios with high quality assets at favorable terms.”

To learn more about the Blue Lake Multifamily Fund & click here.

Blue Lake Multifamily Fund Webinar

We hosted a live webinar on Monday, April 17th provide more details on the fund, answer investors' questions., and discuss our initial assets in the fund.

Watch the replay of the webinar below, if you'd like more information please fill out our investor form here or email

* Open to Accredited Investors Only. This information is not an offering to sell either a security or a solicitation to sell a security. At the request of a recipient, Blue Lake Capital will provide a private placement memorandum, subscription agreement, and an operating agreement.


Invest with Blue Lake Capital

If you are an accredited investor interested in learning more about passively investing in multifamily properties, click here to complete our investor form and schedule a call with our Investor Relations team.

About Ellie Perlman

Ellie Perlman is the founder of Blue Lake Capital, a commercial real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily investing throughout the United States. At Blue Lake Capital, Ellie partners with both institutional and individual investors to grow their wealth by achieving double-digit returns by investing alongside her in exclusive multifamily deals they usually don't have access to.

A defining factor of Blue Lake Capital’s strategy is founded in utilizing machine learning/artificial intelligence throughout the course of all acquisitions and asset management. This advanced technology enables the company to produce accurate and data-driven forecasting for all assets on a market, property, and even tenant basis. In doing so, Blue Lake is able to lead commercial investments with the full capabilities of today’s technology.

Ellie is the founding host of REady2Scale, a podcast that highlights the assets, processes, and strategies for the multiple approaches to successful real estate investing.

She started her career as a commercial real estate lawyer, leading real estate transactions for one of Israel’s leading development companies. Later, as a property manager for Israel’s largest energy company, she oversaw properties worth over $100MM. Additionally, Ellie is an experienced entrepreneur who helped build and scale companies by improving their business operations.

Ellie holds a Masters in Law from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

You can read more about Blue Lake Capital and Ellie Perlman at


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